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Integrate an ERP system for your medium sized company with us

Just a few medium sized businesses use all the benefits of a modern ERP-system. Especially the process optimization can cause an increase in your company’s productivity. We at SYCOR YES offer you diverse industry-specific solutions with which you can easily adapt Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your medium-sized business.

ERP is worthwhile for medium sized businesses

Up to a certain point, you can use Exel-charts and look at processes individually. But when your company’s size increases, memory capacity and an effective super-structure is needed. Our ERP-System for medium sized businesses offers exactly that: We help you to connect processes interdepartmental and see through all the parts of your business. This will help you to identify weaknesses and eliminate potential sources of errors.

Stay competitive!

By using our ERP-Software for medium sized businesses, you will stay competitive in relation to other companies. Orders are fulfilled faster and more efficiently via an interdepartmental workflow. By using ERP you can, amongst others, coordinate:

  • Development
  • Offer preparation
  • Resource planning
  • Purchases
  • Distribution
  • Product planning
  • Billing
  • Customer management
  • Finances and accounting
  • Resource planning
  • Quality control
  • Order management
  • Storage and logistics

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SYCOR YES brings the medium sized businesses to the Cloud

Our ERP-solution for medium sized businesses is flexible in use. By working with Microsoft Azure you can add or eliminate services individually. Therefor, you only pay for the applications you actually need and use: an individual software for your business is created. High safety standards guarantee your data’s security.

Sector-specific ERP-solutions for medium sized companies

Each sector has different needs for an ERP-software. In addition to a view basic functions, each business software should provide individual and sector-specific services. We at SYCOR YES have specialized in the life-science-sector for medium sized businesses. That includes the following areas:

Put your trust in our expertise and we will provide you with ERP solutions for medium-sized businesses that are specifically tailored to your needs and requirements.

We provide help and advice!

Trust our expertise, we provide the ERP-solutions for your medium business – but that’s not all, we made it our mission to help your company move forward. Therefore, we offer you, amongst others, the following services:

  1. Analysis of processes and needs
  2. Support in implementing and parametrization of your sector-specific ERP
  3. IT-solutions in the areas of BPM, DMS and ECM
  4. Digitalization via Cloud-solutions
  5. Maintenance, repair and administration of your IT infrastructure
  6. Updating and maintenance of your ERP-system via updates and regular tests

Microsoft Dynamics 365 doesn’t need a long-term training period

Get in contact for a consultation and provide us with your needs for an ERP-system. Together, we can develop an individual approach for your business. The implementation is generally uncomplicated due to Microsoft Dynamics 365’s structure which is similar to traditional office applications. Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is characterized by its simple usability. Therefore, an impact on your business processes will hardly be noticeable during the implementation of our ERP-System in your medium sized company.

SYCOR YES is your experienced Microsoft Partner. We not only implement an ERP-system – NO. We create a sector-specific, holistic business IT with modifiable processes, support and technical know-how.

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